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your multisig

Discuss, vote, execute and celebrate šŸ„³, all in one place.

Co-own group assets in your co-wallet

Manage and move yourĀ coins, NFTs and investments simply and securely with Safeā„¢ multisig technology.

Send and receive co-owned assets on Ethereum or Polygon

Use your current Safeā„¢ multisigs or activate new ones

Keep your proposal queue flowing and conflict-free

Decide together

Multisig-aware group chats make it easy to move proposal forward. Vote yay or nay right in the conversation.

Discuss and debate until you're ready to vote

Sign and execute transactions inline

Sync your group chat with one multisig, or with many


Your web3 messenger

Use your web3 ID to message any Ethereum or Solana wallet.

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