Hello literally every wallet.

Messaging and more, for Ethereum and Solana

Buzz your
web3 buddies

Share messages, threads, reactions and NFTs with any wallet.

Message Ethereum and Solana addresses in the same chat

Send compliments to NFT artists, and send offers to owners

Block wallets you don't want to hear from; reputation matters

Architected for progressive decentralization

Your token,
you're talkin'

Asset-gated write access keeps the signal strong. And your timeline surfaces important posts, votes and announcements.

Turn on notifications, and turn off your fomo

Discuss DAO business in a members-only forum

Browse and join new NFT- or Coin-based groups

You own your identity on web3

Every wallet is a self-sovereign, portable identity. Whether you're known or anon, you're in control. Zuck n' Musk can't touch this.

See peoples' memberships, NFTs and activity at a glance, to see what you might have in common

Connect multiple wallets and switch between them quickly

Use your ENS, .SOL, Lens or Unstoppable Domain name, or choose a new one

Find your people by address, asset, or name

More … soon

Follow along for early access to web3-native features.

Made in California

With support from

by BUIDLERS from

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